By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Is The Most Amazing Reptile You’ll Ever See… Only It’s NOT A Reptile.

Sometimes our eyes deceive us. We interpret what we see as simple and straightforward information. When inspecting a little further, we realize that things may not be what they seem.

Artist Johannes Stötter is brilliant at playing tricks with us. The self-taught Italian artist creates colorful and exotic body painting that plays with our perception. He goes beyond the straight forward standing model. Instead he uses his models to create an optical illusion.

Stötter often uses more than one model to create a cohesive masterpiece. One of his most popular works is the frog where one has to look very closely to identify and separate where each model is positioned. He is one of a kind body artist whose work is so authentic and real that you think you are looking at photos of a professional photographer capturing animals in their natural habitat.

It is no surprise Stötter won the World Body Painting Festival in 2012 in Austria.

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