By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

At First It Looks Like An Ordinary Manhole, But When You Peek Inside… WOW.

It's scary to imagine a disaster circumstance that would necessitate a survival shelter, but then again, it's also not that difficult to hypothesize. And when or if disaster strikes, it's somewhat comforting to know that you could have access to something like this: That is, if you have $60,000 and good planning skills.

For the price of a luxury car, the Atlas Survivor Shelters are supposed to offer protection from tornados, earthquakes, and other disastrous evens. They're buried 20 feet underground, and they offer all the amenities from home. Check out the interior of these amazing shelters below.

The Atlas Survival Shelters are meant to be a safe refuge in times of trouble.

The shelters are 32-by-10 feet, and come with their own generator pod.

Here is a drawing of a colony of shelters, meant to be able to house an entire extended family. Each pod can accommodate three or four people.

Here's what the shelters look like under construction: The entire residence is basically in a giant tube.

And of course, what would a disaster shelter be without a secret entrance into the ground?

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