By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These ‘Floating’ Tents Are Probably The Best Camping Invention Since S’mores.

Camping just got a lot more adventurous. For those wanting to take their enjoyment of the great outdoors to a new level, literally, they can sleep outside in their suspended tents attached to tree trunks. Tentsile tree tents are an adult version of a tree house. The tents are waterproof and give campers a unique opportunity to sleep comfortably without worrying about uneven ground, small critters, or getting flooded.

The brainchild of Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev, comes in various models with cool names like Stingray, designed for three people and Trilogy, large enough to accommodate six. The company also designed the Trillium Hammock which can be used as a stacking sleeping arrangement or space for extra storage.

These über trendy tents will make even non-campers want to head out to the mountains to experience living in the ‘wild,’ but more than likely to spend some time in the innovative tents.

A new way for family and friends to enjoy hanging out together.

The tents are completely stackable to make more out of limited space.

The fly sheet to keep out bugs is standard on all models, except the Trillium Hammock.

The trees do not need to be in a perfect equilateral triangle for Tentsile to work.

It's definitely an awesome way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Would you sleep in one of these tents?

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