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By Huong Ngo

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Guy Knits Sweaters Of Places, Then Pictures Himself Wearing The Sweaters At Those Places.

Usually when most people travel or go on vacation, they purchase a souvenir from the place they traveled to. Often times this is some type of apparel stating the location they visited. Sam Barsky isn't like most people.

Instead of buying a souvenir t-shirt, he knits a sweater or the location prior to visiting. Then once he's at the location, he takes a photo of himself wearing the sweater there. Talk about inception! From the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge to the Stonehenge, Barsky has been all over with his special sweaters! Check out some of his photos below. We must admit, this man's knitting skills are pretty impressive.

What better way visiting the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge than with a sweater of the bridge!

Your visit is incomplete without it.

This guy's sweater making skills are off the hook.

Just look at the detail in that tower on his sweater.

The waterfall on his sweater looks much more lively than the real thing.

Too bad the real fountain isn't as green.

Don't underestimate this guy's skills, he can incorporate as many colors as he wants.

And make it look like it came straight off the rack!

Landmarks aren't the only things his sweaters feature.

They feature animals as well, such as llamas.

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