By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Climbed The World’s Tallest Building… The Footage Made My Blood Run Cold.

James Kingston doesn’t just like climbing tall structures, he thrives on it. On his latest adventure the 25-year-old reached the tallest residential building in Dubai, the Marina 101 with his bare hands. The climb itself took this daredevil over an hour and a half.

Once he reached the top of the building, Kingston realized there was a crane from the side of the building that stands another 25 meters above the rooftop. This ascend turned out to be the most challenging as the metal bars themselves were greasy, making griping the handles a difficult task.

But once Kingston reaches the highest point, you can understand why he made the climb; seeing the sunrise along the world’s coolest high rises overlooking the Persian Gulf is a once in a lifetime experience. This video is a reminder why we are scared of heights.

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Source: James Kingston