Comedians Brought Pranking To Sweden, And It Was Hilarious.

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Swedish artists Erik Vestman and Nils Petter pride themselves on creating art to be displayed in the most peculiar places, and they've earned themselves a great fanbase by putting art where it's not supposed to go.

In one series of unauthorized installations, the pair did something we've never seen before: They put laminated photos just under the surface of the water. In another, they installed a jointed figure of a soccer player on a random office building, drawing a huge crowd. Their work is unexpected and delightful, and you can see how they did a bit of it below.

Here's their laminate photo, eerily floating just below the surface.

Erik and Nils Petter

The mobile soccer player on top of the building was a time-consuming labor of love, but in the end it was really cool.

Erik and Nils Petter

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