By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Comedians Brought Pranking To Sweden, And It Was Hilarious.

Swedish artists Erik Vestman and Nils Petter pride themselves on creating art to be displayed in the most peculiar places, and they've earned themselves a great fanbase by putting art where it's not supposed to go.

In one series of unauthorized installations, the pair did something we've never seen before: They put laminated photos just under the surface of the water. In another, they installed a jointed figure of a soccer player on a random office building, drawing a huge crowd. Their work is unexpected and delightful, and you can see how they did a bit of it below.

Here's their laminate photo, eerily floating just below the surface.

And here's a short video clip of how they pulled it off.

The mobile soccer player on top of the building was a time-consuming labor of love, but in the end it was really cool.

See their work on this project from start to finish in this video below.

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