Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Abused Pit Bull Becomes Canine Fashion Icon And Then Gets A Hero Award.

Animal cruelty is no laughing matter! The sad truth is that we live in a world where some people choose to treat their pets like dirt rather than members of the family. Some folks even start out liking their pets. Then, out of the blue, they'll flip a switch, decide they're fed up with them, and start treating them horribly, or they'll abandon them on the side of the street. But if anyone knows what neglect and abuse feel like, it would be a beautiful pitbull named Abigail, who endured some of the worst kind of animal cruelty. But she eventually overcame her trauma and found her way to a brand-new life. Now she's the ultimate fashion icon.

Some people don't know how to deal with their own issues, so their animals become an outlet.

Instead of loving, and caring for these animals the way they care for us, certain owners will take out their frustration on their pets. Just ask this adorable pitbull with sadness in her heart.

Abigail has quickly earned the title of doggy fashionista, but it came at a great cost.

Initially, she had suffered a great deal as a result of neglect. Vets even suspected that she had been used in illegal dog fighting rings. In the process, she ended up with a number of injuries, some of which were life-threatening.

When Abigail started donning headgear, it was to cover up the injuries she'd received.

She had lost an ear and suffered other head injuries, which is why she started wearing on elaborate hats and other forms of trendy head gear.

She might be a fashion guru to some, but just last November, Abigail was homeless.

Who knows if she'd even be alive if she hadn't been picked up after wandering the streets of Miami. But when she arrived at the Pets First Well Center, she was in really bad shape.

The pitbull literally had missing layers of skin from her head and body, and her life was in danger.

Now, she's leading a completely different life as an online fashion guru, but things could have been so much different for her had she not been rescued in time.

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