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25 Of The Sweetest Notes Ever Written… I Wish Someone Would Write Me #17.

Random acts of kindness are rare. Most people wake up with their day already planned out, they don’t have the ability to take time out of their busy schedule to randomly do something nice for someone else (or so they think). That’s what makes receiving a sweet note on a random day that much more significant – because it’s so uncommon and unexpected. Not every day is a good day. Bad days are inevitable. And it’s on those bad days, we wish for something—anything, to make our day better.

Just below, we’ve gathered some of the sweetest notes people have ever left for others. You can tell that these notes definitely put a smile to all of its recipients.

#1. I don't know what's more adorable, the fact that his kid wrote this or that he keeps it hanging from his steering wheel.

#2. For that person who needs an extra nudge.

For that person who needs an extra nudge.

#3. Grab a beer...

Grab a beer...

#4. Who doesn't appreciate a secret admirer?

#5. Now this is clever.

Now this is clever.

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