By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Socially Awkward Dog Wants Nothing To Do With Your Pool Party.

When the city's public pools open for the summer, there's always a strange divide between the patrons. For starters, there's the kids: Splashing, horsing around, generally having an awesome time, the pool is arguably there for their enjoyment, and deep down, they all know it. But for every five or six kids screaming and splashing, there is one local adult just trying to relax and have a good time at the edge of the water. For those adults, summer can be a battle of wills: It's us against the children, and usually, the children win.

And after seeing this video, you'll realize that this particular paradox isn't unique to humans. In this doggy pool, mostly inhabited by enthusiastic dogs and puppies who still want to play, there is one pup who seems to be taking his swimming day much more seriously. There's no telling what he's thinking, but we'd venture to guess it's somewhere along the lines of, "Damn kids."

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Source: Happy Tails