By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

100 Years Of Men's Swimwear. The One From 1925 Is Just Horrendous...

Men may complain that fashion for them does not change. That may be the case in some areas. However, swimwear over the last 100 years has certainly gone through an evolution for males. Most of the time it has been for the better, all you have to do is look at 1925 to see what guys had to wear to spend a little time on the beach. Just when you think those swimming trunks could not get any smaller, we need to thank our lucky stars for 1985.

Take a look at this fun video of 100 years of men’s swimwear.

This video has gotten close to two million views in four days. We assume it is all for research purposes.

Here's how women's swimsuits have changed over the years.

Source: Glam