By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Created From Office Supplies, This Useless Invention Will Definitely Get You Fired.

Lunch break for many employees is a time to eat, catch up on office gossip or simply go for a walk outside. One worker uses this time to invent. The man became inspired when he watched a video of a contraption and knew he had to try to duplicate it.

YouTuber Rcbif relied on basic office supplies like pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, and a ball bearing to make his device come alive. Rcbif also took a cardboard box to be used as the base and anchor to what he described as his “useless invention.”

Let’s just hope this staffer did not go past his scheduled lunch time to complete his invention. Take a look at the clip with this new swinging gadget. It may not have a specific function but just think if this guy can make this during his break, imagine what can he do when he has the whole day.

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Source: Rcbif