Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Anonymous Group Installed 50 Swings Around San Francisco.

We live in such a vast, beautiful world that it's literally like a huge playground for us. There are mountains to climb, oceans to dive into, and snowy slopes to slide down. A guerrilla group from San Francisco believes that the world is our playground, as well. In fact, they've actually added to it, but in a very sneaky way.

An anonymous group placed over 50 swings around the city of San Francisco.

The swings were hidden all over the city, in hopes of making its citizens feel a bit more childlike."We decided to create a present for the city, where it would wake up one morning and have a moment of surprise," said an anonymous source from Swing Bomb SF.

The guerrilla group believes that keeping your inner child alive and well is extremely important.

“It really nurtures this inner child, it’s a very playful community. We wanted to play into that, and make the concept of S.F. being an adult playground into a reality," they said.

The bottom of the swings are painted with the words #SwingBombsSF and a number so the person can see what swing they're playing on.

Some of the swings have been taken down but there's still some left.

The group succeeded at completing their goal of turning the city into a pop-up playground.

And we absolutely love it! But unfortunately, there are some people that aren't on so keen on the idea.

It looks like San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department wants every swing taken down!

“They did not come to us for us to take a look at what they wanted to do, so that we can ascertain that this is safe," said operations manager Dennis Kearn.

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