Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Anonymous Group Installed 50 Swings Around San Francisco.

But Swing Bomb SF made sure everything was done the right way.

They even had engineers on the team to make sure that the structural integrity of each tree was kept in tact. Talk about being prepared.

The Department of Recreations and Parks said that if they don't get permits immediately, then all of the swings will have to be removed.

And that's exactly why Swing Bomb SF didn't disclose the location of their swings. The city will have to find every single one of them if they want them removed.

We live in such stressful times that being able to take a five-minute timeout to play on a swing can be so beneficial.

Even though the swings are temporary, one member of the mysterious group hinted to expect more things like this in the future.

Source: Inhabitat

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