By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Artist Reveals What People Would Look Like With A ‘Perfect’ Face. Prepare To Be Surprised.

Facial symmetry is considered a major factor in determining beauty in men and women. Fashion photographer Alex John Beck, put this concept to the test with his series Both Sides Of. He photographed people from the left and right sides of their faces and made mirror duplicates of those angles. In the photos below, you are not looking at before and after pics but rather the mirror opposites.

The images show that those with almost perfect symmetry looked slightly different but not necessarily more attractive. If anything it looks like a photo of a sibling. “The less symmetrical they are initially, the more different the characters suggested by each face. The more symmetrical faces betray their owners more subtly, however, one side proves clearer, the other more inward-looking.”

The British born, New York-based shutterbug is challenging how we define beauty. The secret is that there is no formula nor measurement that can define what is beautiful.

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Source: Feature Shoot