By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

13 Perfectly Symmetrical Images That Will Satisfy Your Longing For Perfection.

There is something quite soothing and therapeutic about having things arranged in perfect symmetry. You may not realize it, but when you organize your dining room chairs neatly or position everything in your cupboard to face a certain spot, the act itself is like meditating.

Seeing things in order where everything seems to naturally fit, puts our minds at ease and gives us a sense of happiness. The Instagram account Symmetrical Monsters is the ideal place to get our dose of flawless dimensions, proportions, and arrangements. The site encourages photographers from all over the world to feature their photos of buildings, bridges, and staircases with the hashtag #SymmetricalMonsters.

The images prove architects are always looking to design the optimal zen to delight our eyes and souls. Take a look at the photos below and feel your body relax, your heartbeat slow down, and your headache suddenly disappear.

Next, symmetrical breakfasts.

Source: Symmetrical Monsters