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This Hilarious Diet Lets You Eat Nothing But Tacos… The Photos Look Pretty Convincing.

No, this diet doesn't give you the go-ahead to feast on Chipotle or your favorite taco truck. What it does provide, however, are tons of amazing taco recipes that are full of healthy nutrients and flavorful ingredients, and we can't argue with that.

It's called "The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven To Change your Life." A riff on the popular detox fads of the moment, The Taco Cleanse asks that you eat only tacos for 30 days, providing 75 vegan and plant-based recipes to help you do it.

According to reviewers, the book is hilarious, as well as being a refreshing take on strict, miracle-inducing diet culture that so often leads people astray. After seeing some of The Taco Cleanse recipes below, you're going to want to change your life with tacos immediately.

Yep: This looks like the best diet ever.

This handy chart shows you how to get your daily recommended servings of tacos.

“Your life will become more fun and you will make more friends while consuming the required Margarita supplements on the plan,” the authors and self-proclaimed “taco scientists” Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger and Jessica Morris write.

Plus, you get to eat tacos. Lots of tacos.

No one has reported any weight loss on the cleanse, but the authors do guarantee this at the very least: “Your sleep will improve as you begin to detox from the negative self images associated with other diets.”

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Source: Taco Cleanse