By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Funny Cartoons Imagine What Animals Would Say If They Could Talk.

It's easy to misunderstand other people, so one can only imagine just how we much easier it is to misunderstand other animals, especially when we don't communicate in the same ways.

If you're a pet owner or simply love animals, chances are you've learned to communicate to them in your own way. Some of us, me included, assume our pet's voices and create an imaginary dialogue.

Artist Jimmy Craig has come up with a simple yet entertaining comic series titled They Can Talk featuring talking animals. His illustrations are familiar — a rooster at dawn, neighborhood cats wandering about, for example — but their dialogue is written from surprising angles that will tickle and surprise you.

Scroll below to see 10 of Craig's best work.

When your cat loiters about with their new neighborhood cat friends...

Roosters understand us deeply.

Sharks... they're just trying to help.

When your cats think it's a matter of life or death...

Oh, the pain. Just look at how excited he was!

Some of us can relate to this one.

Raccoons. Cheap or resourceful?

Damn vultures. We've all met people this, you know, the ones that could help us but don't.

When your friends are amazing and you, well....

Cats. Always upstaging everyone, including Santa.

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Source: They Can Talk