By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog Looks Like A Raccoon, And He’s The Internet’s Latest Sensation.

It's normal to want to put things in a box, but that doesn't make it right. We are professional compartmentalizers. Upon first sight, we want to know if the person we're looking at is a girl or a boy. We want to know where people's families originate from, even though we use the words, "What are you?"

We discriminate against different identities by omitting them, whether we realize it or not. But things are changing, and we are learning, slowly but surely, that the world is a whole lot more than just black or white.

Take a look at Tanu, for instance. He looks kind of like a raccoon and kind of like a dog. Netizens have been arguing over which one he resembles more closely, which is funny because he's actually a Japanese raccoon dog.

Twitter user @chibi_tori found the abandoned animal and took him into their home, and he's since grown very comfortable. Tanu has also become an overnight sensation after photos of him warming himself by a heater went viral.

Anyway, let's stop with the binaries and embrace Tanu just as he is.

Hello, everyone. This is Tanu.

He's not a raccoon nor is he a dog, and he's definitely not a badger!

He's a tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog!

Here he is enjoying the heater. These appliances are crucial to surviving a Japanese winter!

"Back up off of my heater!"

He needs these pads so he won't ruin the tatami while eating!

Time for a belly rub after a hearty dinner.

And finally, time for some shut eye but make sure to check out @chibi_tori on Twitter for more updates!