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Tourist Treats Taxi Driver To A Theme Park Because He'd Never Been Before.

In the United Arab Emirates, everybody drives. The traffic in the largest cities is overwhelming and constant, and if you don't have your own car, you're forced to take a taxi. These aren't just regular taxis, either: Most drivers drop you at your location and wait for you there - think of it as having your own personal valet for the day.

When Liam Murphy was recently in the UAE for work, he decided to visit an indoor theme park, Ferrari World. His driver, Shakiha, told Murphy that he'd wait for him in the car, even though Murphy was going to be inside for over four hours.

That's when Murphy got an idea: If Shakiha was going to just park the car and wait, why not invite him to come inside?

Liam Murphy could have spent the day alone at the UAE theme park he was visiting.

However, he felt there was no point in making his taxi driver wait in the car - especially when Shakiha told him he'd never even visited the park.

Naturally, he invited him in. What commenced was an unexpected story of theme park comradery - and a lot of these epic photographs.

Even though Shakiha had lived in the UAE for 14 years, this was his first time seeing the inside of the park. Normally, he just waits in the car.

From the looks of this picture, Shakiha had a great time - although he might have had one or two moments when he wished he was still outside.

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Source: Buzz Feed