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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Technology… Almost No One Knows About #7.

You might appreciate modern technology for how it has simplified your life, but most people don't consider the fact that plenty of trial, error, and weirdness circles around the tech world. For example, in order for the iPhone to become what it is today, it had to go through some trial and error -- and have a little bit of an odd backstory.

Below are 25 bizarre and fascinating facts about tech products, the industry, and the people behind it all. These will definitely make you appreciate the process of invention -- and also inform you of the behind-the-scenes oddities of the industry. #19 definitely made us smile.

#1. In 2012, at least 17 newborn girls were named Siri.

#2. There are more than 682 million iPhone across the globe.

#3. A red panda is native to the Himalayas and southwestern China. Translated, the English word for red panda is "Firefox," which is where the browser gets its name.

#4. The word robot comes from the Czech “robota." In English, robota translates to "forced labor."

#5. Created in 1956, the first ever VCR was the size of a piano.

Created in 1956, the first ever VCR was the size of a piano.

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