By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Sarcastic Cartoons That Hilariously Describe The Absurdity Of Modern Life.

It might be slightly painful to admit, but modern technology has basically gotten to the point where it has a white-knuckled grip on everything we do, and French illustrator Jean Jullien has noticed.

Jullien is well-known for his work in France, and it almost always centers on the ways in which modern life has grown increasingly dependent on technology like phones, smart devices, social media, and the Internet. Jullien's artistic commentary points out that what we think are normal social interactions actually aren't -- instead, the way we communicate almost always includes some form of technology, and disconnects us from real engagement with one another.

If it sounds heavy, it's not: Jullien's work is sarcastic, lighthearted, and a pleasure to look at. You may even recognize yourself in some of these illustrations.

Source: design your trust