By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Shin Tzu Is Getting Ready For Halloween, And The Internet Doesn’t Stand A Chance.

Shih Tzus are probably one of the cutest breeds in the canine world. Their small stature and fluffy coats only adds to their popularity. Considered a ‘toy dog,’ a lot of people love to dress these tiny pets in clothes. One Shih Tzus named Munchkin, however, might be repeating her outfit again. For Halloween last year, Munchkin went as a teddy bear. Not surprisingly, everyone loved it.

Munchkin’s teddy bear success has even made her Instagram famous with over 100,000 followers. We are all waiting to find out what her costume will be this year. I vote she dresses as an Ewok.

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Source: Munchkin the Teddy Bear