Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

This Amazing Lady Creates Teddy Bears From The Uniforms Of Fallen Soldiers.

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things to experience, and for children, the pain is especially hard. Lisa Freeman has been making teddy bears out of lost servicemen and women’s uniforms to help families heal.

Her project is called Matthew Bears. She started it when she lost her own son, Matthew Freeman, while he was on duty in Afghanistan in 2009. Anyone who has lost their family member in service can send to have the service member’s uniform made into a teddy bear free of charge.

Ms.Freeman also heads the Matthew Freeman Project, a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the support of education throughout the world, something Matthew asked her to do. He had been in Afghanistan for only a week when he saw something that made him call his mother. He saw children who wanted pens and paper more than they wanted food and water and asked her to start a collection for them. Matthew was killed two days later. Ms. Freeman has continued to follow her son’s wishes with the help of others. Watch the heartwarming video below the photos.

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