By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This 18 Year-Old Built His Own Telescope… Wait Till You See His Pictures Of Space.

Jonah Scott is not your typical teenager. The 18-year-old loves space so much he has built his own telescopes. He is on his fifth currently with parts he takes from old VCR’s and computers. Scott’s passion grew when he was playing around with his first telescope at 15; he realized he was able to see planet Saturn’s rings.

The avid astrophotographer from Queensland, Australia, is currently an apprentice as a diesel-fitter for his family business. The skills he has attained in his schooling have been helpful in his pursuit to see more of what space has to offer.

Scott has moved on into the farther reaches of outer space. He has been able to see comets, galaxies, the Milky Way and a nebula. Although Scott does not plan to make a career out of his passion he will continue to push the boundaries to discover more of our universe and beyond.

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