Artist Gives Children Temporary Tattoos To Make Hospital Life More Fun.

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The thought of having your kids getting a tattoo when they're young would make any parent cringe. But in this instance, parents welcome the idea almost as much as they welcome the New Zealand tattoo artist who provides the amazing artwork.

But don't worry! Benjamin Lloyd isn't branding random kids with permanent tattoos! The ink is temporary and he's actually offering his services in order to lift the spirits of kids who are staying at Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. Not only do these pint-sized patients get to look cool, but they also feel quite special, and it totally brings a smile to their little faces.

To do this, he uses his airbrush gun and some non-toxic ink to design some unbelievable tats that look like the real deal. Both he and his team have done hundreds of these and the results are always the same—kids love them.

Benjamin Lloyd drops by the Starship Children's Hospital to give the patients there a little pick-me up.

Benjamin Lloyd

At first, he started doing them on adults just to have fun, but then, someone suggested that he could provide this service to kids staying at a local hospital. Soon enough, he was airbrushing tattoos the way Oprah used to give prizes to her studio audience.

The tattoo artist has been airbrushing for ten years, but has recently started painting tattoos on skin.

Benjamin Lloyd

Whatever puts a smile on a child's face is a gift, and this artist is a fantastic person for bringing joy to these kids who are in dire need of a little emotional pick me up. With his airbrush gun, he brings a touch of energy to help these kids feel great about themselves.

The lovely faux tattoos help take the children's minds off of their illnesses.

Benjamin Lloyd

Shortly after posting what he did for these kids, the post went from 50 likes to over 469,000. Given his newfound popularity, Lloyd decided to share more photos and videos of how he airbrushed the tattoos on these kids.

Lloyd admits that he never expected his Facebook post about his art to get so much recognition.

Benjamin Lloyd

He's brought his artistic talent to HC, an organization that supports the rights of developmentally delayed people. In the end, his artwork brightened the day of many patients. Plus, they had someone to talk to, which is always a beautiful thing.

Aside from Starship Children's Hospital, Lloyd has also visited one other center so far.

Benjamin Lloyd

But for anyone wondering how difficult it is to take these tattoos off, you should know that they easily wash off in the shower. However, while they're on the skin of these patients, they look as real as a tattoo on any biker.

Obviously, the paint used for these tattoos does cost money so he's often raising funds online.

Benjamin Lloyd

Since tattoos often give people the sense of empowerment, because it makes them feel like they're in control of their own body, kids can feel that way too, even when dealing with serious health conditions like cancer.

The kind gesture that Lloyd has provided has been praised by parents, family members, and obviously, the kids.

Benjamin Lloyd

The ink is very easy to apply and Lloyd is such a wizard when it comes to airbrushing that he can have an average tattoo completed in about 9 minutes. This gives him the time to ensure that no child at the hospital gets left out.

As complex as the tattoo designs seem, Lloyd assures parents that it's not that difficult to recreate at all.

Benjamin Lloyd

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