By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog LOVES Watching Tennis… I Think We Can All Figure Out Why.

This guy’s golden retriever really loves tennis. Maybe it’s because he wants to get the tennis ball. Or maybe his canine vision see’s something cool on TV. Whatever it is, it’s hysterical.

So, you might be wondering, “Why do some dogs react to TV so much?” It’s a good question. Some of the reasons might be because dogs are smart enough, and have a similar enough vision to humans, to identify most of the things you and I see on TV. The main differences are the color schemes they can see, which are a range of blue to yellow, and the speed at which they process what they see: much faster than humans. What that means is that when dogs look at older TV’s with slower ‘frames per second’ they see the screen flickering like an old 1920’s film.

Source: Bearaids