By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Insanely Brilliant Ways A Tension Rod Can Improve Your Home.

#9. A clever storage option.

Using spray-painted tension rods and drilled plates or platters, you can create this awesome tiered shelf that will make use of an empty corner in your kitchen.

#10. A decorative sink skirt

Put a tension rod in front of your utility sink and hang a curtain to hide all of your cleaning supplies, buckets, and sponges.

#11. Oddly-sized closet storage.

Short tension rods can create storage space in otherwise unusable areas.

#12. A clever office solution.

A painted, furnished coat closet can easily turn into a home office. Add a tension rod and curtain to create a cozy look for your space.

#13. A dream canopy

Hang curtains around your bed using tension rods to give your bedroom a dreamy touch that will make you want to sleep for days.

#14. A festive window.

Hanging ornaments from a tension rod in your window is a cheap and easy way to liven up your house for the holidays.


You can also use tension rods on your porch or outdoor spaces to hang holiday flags and other decorations.

#16. A hidden shelf.

Hide the detergent on the shelf above the washing machine with a curtain rod and a simple valence.

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