Cat Declares Himself ‘King Of The Farm’… And It’s Bad News For The Donkey.

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When he was just three months old, Scott and Joanna Shaw brought a kitten named Teton to live at their farm. They thought his main occupation would be to keep the mice in check -- turns out, Teton had far bigger plans.

After spending his youth playing with every animal at the farm (including horses, goats, and even a donkey), Teton decided to take his involvement a bit further: He now spends his days riding around on the animals, sleeping on them, and lording over them all like the king that he is.

"We do see him on the miniature horses and donkey the most," Joanna said in an interview. "He also sleeps in their stall with them."

See the adorable photos of Teton (acting like he owns the place, of course) below.

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