By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Lost 70lbs For The Most Romantic Reason Ever.

Pj Spraggins' wife Tracy had spent almost an entire lifetime battling Lupus. In 2014, the couple found out that without a kidney transplant, the disease would eventually kill her. Unfortunately, the waiting list was seven years long.

Then, something incredible happened. Doctors told Spraggins that he was a perfect match for his wife, and that he could donate one of his kidneys to her. They were relieved, until they got hit with a second piece of news, this time less celebratory: Spraggins' weight and subsequent blood pressure was too high to perform the operation.

Refusing to accept the diagnosis, Spraggins did something incredible.

Here is a picture of PJ Spraggins and his wife, Tracy. Tracy needed a kidney, and PJ was a perfect match. Unfortunately, his weight was too high to perform the surgery.

That's when he decided to totally overhaul his lifestyle, embarking on a new weight loss and fitness routine.

He spent a year dieting and exercising, determined to get fit enough to save his wife.

Eventually, he was given the green light for surgery.

Now, it's simply a matter of raising enough money to cover their financial expenses so they can both recover post-surgery.

Since PJ has worked so hard to get to a point where he can help his wife, many strangers have taken it upon themselves to help the couple.

To donate to this amazing couple and read more of their story, check out their donation page.

Source: Daily Mail