By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Of The Worst Crimes Ever Committed Against Thanksgiving.

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, the stakes couldn't possibly be higher. After all, it's arguably the most important meal to cross an American dinner table, and people spend weeks in preparation for the main event.

That's why the Thanksgiving Fail is the worst kind of fail imaginable.

Below are 24 irreparable Thanksgiving fails, destroyed turkeys and side dishes that will have you crying tears of pumpkin pie despair. Let these fails be a lesson to you this Thanksgiving season -- and don't let them happen in your own kitchen.

#1. These apple rosettes didn't go as planned.

#2. And neither did this unfortunate turkey bar.

#3. Things got a little heated at this Thanksgiving gathering.

#4. And no one could have predicted this.

#5. Something tells us that these guys don't look the way that Pinterest promised they would.

#6. And this is just a damn shame.

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