By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Touching Gifts For Thanksgiving… I Can Smell #17 Right Now.

#8. Tea-riffic Teapot

Who wouldn't smile while pouring themselves a cup of tea from this adorable pot?

#9. Heart of Gold Friendship Vial

This handmade trinket is small enough to slip into an everyday bag or place on a bedside stand.

#10. 'You're Sew Special' Coaster

Seamstresses both young and old will appreciate a coaster recognizing their favorite hobby.

#11. Paper Crane 'Thank You' Card

There is already so much precision that goes into origami. A handcrafted card like this is doubly exquisite.

#12. A Deck of Cards

This 'Thank You' gift is perfect for couples and can be adapted for other occasions.

#13. Handcrafted Card + Coffee

Find out what coffee shop they frequent and treat them to a gift card.

#14. Personalized Gratitude Bubbly

A bottle of wine with a personal label makes for an elegant and quirky gift.

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