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90’s Fashion Trends That We Hope NEVER Make A Comeback.

Today's fashionistas are calling fashion trends from the 90s "vintage," and unfortunately for those of us who lived through this decade, they aren't exactly wrong.

Patricia Dillon, who serves as the Divisional Leader of Design and Applied Arts at the University of Wolverhampton, has confirmed the requirements for something to be classified as vintage: "[it must have] sufficient quality of design and creative execution for it to stand the test of time and be relevant and desirable to future discerning generations," according to Glamour Magazine.

"The 90s are now officially classified as Vintage because we are two decades on and a new generation is starting to discover and enjoy the creative fruits of musicians, designers, artists and film makers who delivered their ideas 20 years ago," Dillon continues.

It's been over 25 years since the start of the 90s and we're beginning to see a comeback of things like choker necklaces and patterned vests. While these pieces allow newer generations to feel like they're tapping into history, the rest of us feel like we're experiencing a bad case of déjà vu.

So, if you see a young fellow walking down the street with a vest sans undershirt anytime soon, you'll know why. It's "in" once again.

#1. Branded Clothing

Remember when it was a thing to have the brand name showing on every item of clothing? Here's Destiny's Child with Scarlett Johansson, all sporting Tommy Hilfiger.

Branded Clothing

#2. Oversized Vests Sans T-Shirt

Nothing like a nice cool breeze as crazed fans run towards you.

Oversized Vests Sans T-Shirt

#3. The Teaser

Time to button up your one button. I used to do this to my cardigans after seeing it on TV and my classmates would do this with their flannel shirts.

The Teaser


#4. Choker Necklaces

The faux tattoo choker necklaces were all the rage. Here's a plain one worn by Jared Leto. These necklaces used to be associated with goths and other misfits. Today, you can't go anywhere without seeing them, proving that mainstream crowds always find ways to "borrow" from the misfits.

Choker Necklaces

#5. Layering: Short Sleeve Over Long Sleeve

Oh, the 90s... when your mother did double the laundry so you could wear your clothes like this.

Layering: Short Sleeve Over Long Sleeve

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