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This Is What Humans Might Look Like In A 1,000 Years, And It’s Awesome!

If you look to the history of humanity, even our recent history, you'll notice change in not only the way we do things but also in the ways our bodies look and feel.

According to a video by AsapSCIENCE, the average height has increased 10 cm in the last 150 years and the average human lifespan has increased 20 years due to major breakthroughs in science.

More change is already happening right under our noses. Researchers are growing technology the way we used to grow our food supply on farms, and they're not stopping anytime soon.

In the next one thousand years, humans will look quite different. We'll also navigate our workspaces differently, that is if our jobs aren't taken over by robots. Yes, in the future, many people will be displaced just as Mr. Bucket was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Don't fret too soon! There are also many amazing advancements to look forward to. Check them out below. However, do keep in mind that new research is always on the rise and that many researchers may produce contradicting theories.

More and more machines and robots will replace humans in the workplace.

With technology stronger and faster than ever before, we can only expect more and more machines to stand in for human labor. While it is extremely sad, from a business perspective, it's much more efficient in terms of quality and speed.

More and more machines and robots will replace humans in the workplace.

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How will humans look like in the future?

Check out what's in store for future generations. It isn't all weird.

We'll be much more tan.

Humans are likely to have darker skin as an indirect response to global warming. As it gets warmer, more people will spend their time outdoors, where they'll be exposed to sunlight and become more tan. Pigmented skin will also help us develop protection from harmful UV radiation.

Evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry also suggests that more interracial relationships will result in a race of people with coffee colored skin.

Our eyes may be red.

This may be a characteristic of a typical worker due to working many hours. Know anyone like this already?

They'll also be quite large.

In tens of thousands of years, with the ability to control the human genome, we'll probably head into a functional trend of large eyes, at least by today's standards.

They'll also be quite large.

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