By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Phone Technician Quit His Job To Design Shoes. His Comment At 2:47 Is So Challenging.

Chris Donovan believes you should follow your dreams regardless of how old you are. After working as a telephone technician for 25 years, Donovan left the security of his job and applied to the prestigious Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy. Polimoda is amongst the top 10 best fashion schools in the world.

After submitting his sketches and going through a phone interview, Donovan moved to Italy to study. He graduated at 55 in Masters in Footwear Design. Donovan always had a passion for footwear. He admits to being in love with it from an early age. His designs are eclectic, taking inspiration from just about anything and everything.

He incorporates materials like gnarled tree pieces and hip replacement equipment. The designer says that following his passion was the “hardest and greatest thing I've ever done.” He was scared to begin this new venture but felt, “fear should not paralyze you. It should make you move.” And with Donovan’s shoes, we will all look good pursuing our goals.

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Source: AARP