By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Ways In Which Your Life Used To Be Simpler, Happier And Less Complicated.

Times have changed. When we look back on our youth, depending on who you ask, times were either easier or more difficult.

Things that once gave us a lot of joy like going to McDonald’s, staying up late or even sharing with others are not seen the same way. Throw in the lightning fast advancement in technology, how we live and how we interact with others has completely changed.

It’s funny that we look back on our parent’s generation and think how foreign their lives were compared to how we live now. However, that gap is much more narrow to the point where we only need to look back a few years to have that same thought.

A few years from now, we will probably look back to today and think, “things were so different back then.” In that moment, we may also realize the gap is widening ever so quickly.

#1. The excitement is gone.

#2. It's Facebook's fault.

#3. Texting has taken over our lives.

#4. Concerts aren't the same.

#5. Why did we have to grow up?

#6. Sharing can get you in trouble.

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