By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Forget Tolkien, This Eccentric London Jeweler Is The True ‘Lord Of The Rings’.

Elegant, incredible jewelry doesn't have to be stuffy - sometimes, it can be fantastical and fun. Theo Fennell is an eccentric British jeweler who understands this, and his light-hearted approach to luxury jewelry is definitely showcased in this amazing set of rings.

Each of these rings are like magical portals to fictional worlds. Fennell's work is incredibly detailed, particularly when it comes to the rings' tiny doors and the worlds that lie beyond them. It's no surprise- Fennell's main tenet of jewelry creation is that each piece be incredibly complex, so that each and every one has a unique presence on the wearer's body.

From Narnia to Oz to the Shire, you can see all of Fennell's opulent miniature universes below. The one with the drawbridge is just awesome.