Look How This Therapy Cat Brings Joy To Terminally Ill Patients.

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Cats have a dodgy reputation, while some consider them to be the most adorable and loving beings, there are others who are considered to be cold and distant. The truth is, cats are some of the most regal creatures who like to keep an air of haughtiness around themselves. They want their own personal space most of the time. But that doesn’t stop them from being cuddle bugs who want loads of attention. Once you understand this, you will realize how exactly you can enjoy their company.

With this idea in mind SPCA, a rescue shelter and UCSF medical center decided to collaborate and start a program known as the Animal Assisted Therapy Program. It was initiated keeping in mind the soothing effects of playing and snuggling with a pet. The idea was to relax some critically ill patients by giving them some time with these adorable felines. It is said to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and even depression.

Cat lovers know and would agree that there is nothing as relaxing as goofing around with your cat.

UCSF Medical Center / Facebook

A therapy cat named Duke Ellington Morris, after jazz legend Duke Ellington, brought some moments of happiness to some seriously ill patients at a California hospital. They were suffering badly and needed something to take their mind off from their declining health. The black and white feline visited ill patients at the UCSF Medical Center on Monday. The center then shared a video of Duke's hospital visit on their Facebook page.

"Duke brings furry snuggles and joy to critically ill patients in our intensive care unit! Our staff thinks he's pretty "purr"-fect too!'' said UCSF medical center on their Facebook page.

UCSF Medical Center / Facebook

During his hospital visit, he was treated as a complete royalty and pushed around on a cart to greet a few patients in need of some relaxing. The video started out with Duke meeting a gentleman who said he was “getting better by the inch” as the nurses pushed Duke closer to him. Duke sat with the man for a few minutes as nurses looked after the patient and checked his vitals.

The adorable video of patients petting Duke has been viewed more than three million times.

UCSF Medical Center / Facebook

Several people stopped by to meet the little fellow and pet him, while some even gave him kisses. The little cuddle bug received a lot of attention and love from everyone in the hospital and enjoyed a day full of pampering.

The adorable cat was then rolled down the hospitals corridors to greet doctors and other medical staff in the building.

UCSF Medical Center / Facebook

Some concerns about the allergies and hygiene were initially voiced but the hospital reported that patients are screened before the special visits and further added, “In addition, the SPCA's Animal-Assisted Therapy Program has specific grooming guidelines.”

“Our staff screens for allergies before the cat visits, as well as taking precautions with hygiene, etc.,” said the UCSF staff.

UCSF Medical Center / Facebook

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