By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

His Hilarious Life As A Third Wheel Is Too Awkward Not To Share, You’ll Feel Bad For Laughing.

If you've ever spent a significant amount of time being single, you've probably been there, and it was probably terrible. Let's face it: No one like being the third wheel.

No one, except for maybe this guy.

Peter Alden has made an entire Instagram account dedicated to existing in the world as a third wheel, and his photos perfectly capture the awkwardness of it all.

According to one article, Alden got the idea when his brother started dating his girlfriend, and he found himself constantly photobombing their romantic photos. So, instead of making it weird by accident, he decided to do it on purpose. Naturally, the resulting images are hilarious.

They shared an #icecream but I got my own! #bestfriends #tripod #friends #sharing #close #happytoallbesoclose #love

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I swear we are all #bestfriends! #tripod #friend #three #theylovemeiswear #instagram

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Have you ever been a third wheel?