Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Super Useful Gift Ideas That Your Friends And Family Will Love.

Christmas is practically breaking down your door, and you have nothing to give your parents, your friends, or next-door neighbor. To make things worse, everyone you know is impossible to shop for. So, what do you do now? When all hope is lost, you can always opt for these awesome last-minute gift ideas. They're positively awesome, and it sure beats sticking a gift card in an envelope or putting money in a 99-cent card. Now these aren't your typical gifts, but they're sure to be a big hit for whoever is lucky enough to get these items. So, check them out. They're so inspiring!

#1. If you have one or more dog lovers on your Christmas list, then buy the Pooch Selfie.

It only sets you back $13 and makes a perfect Smartphone accessory that'll ensure that their pup is ready to take selfies. The dog selfie stick even comes with a squeaker ball to grab a pup's attention in time to snap the perfect shot.

#2. Some of the best gifts you can give someone is the ability to fly up, up, and away like a superhero.

It's perfect for kids or adults. Just schedule a date where they can indoor skydive, and thanks to some pretty powerful fans, they'll be able to experience what flying under their own power actually feels like, and it'll run you about $72.

#3. Give the girl or woman in your life a gift that packs a real powerful charge this holiday.

The Belkin Lightening Leather Tassel Charges run you about $24 can conceal the charging cord in an oh-so-pretty pink leather tassel, until it's time to charge that phone or tablet up in a quick hurry. It's easy to wear and trendy too.

#4. Want to give her a gift that's oh-so relaxing? Then how about a Spa Gift Card at a top-rated spa?

Everyone deserves to get pampered with a nice relaxing massage. If you're gifting this to your significant other you can get two gift cards so you can go on a couple's date. Try going to Spafinder to find the top-rated spas in your area. But keep in mind that prices vary by state.

#5. If he or she is a true coffee lover, then get them a 3-month Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription.

$72 will bring your gift recipient the best brew right to their very own doorstep. You can even choose to either get a half bag of coffee delivered or all three bags at once, depending on how much coffee he or she consumes.

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