Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Super Useful Gift Ideas That Your Friends And Family Will Love.

#6. We know we said that gift cards were blah, but a Netflix gift card will score some points with movie fans.

If you have a friend or a family member who is always hogging your Netflix account, gift them a $30 or more Netflix gift card. That way they can have their own account. Amazon even e-mails these bad boys to your favorite person on Christmas.

#7. Tea time in a jar is a cool gift for the holidays, especially if you're living in chilly, snowy weather.

Tea time mason jar comes complete with everything your tea lover would want because you're the one adding the gift. You just need a mason jar, and accessories that are tiny enough to fit in there like tea bags, duh, and flavorings like honey, and sugar and maybe some spices like cinnamon.

#8. Make your very own hot chocolate mix in a mason jar for someone that's just as sweet.

Making a hot chocolate mix is really easy. You just need a mason jar, then layer it with some hot cocoa, some chocolate chips, and a top layer of white marshmallows. Then tie a bow around the next of the jar with a card attached that shows them how much you love them.

#9. How about a portable crock pot so that your friend or loved one can have an easier time in the kitchen?

Crockpots not only allow you to reheat left overs. But they allow people to prepare food, and let it cook while they're out doing other important things. Do you know how much someone who's always running around will appreciate this? And it'll set you back about $25.

#10. Whether it's your daughter, girlfriend, or wife, make an adorable unicorn spa jar just for her.

Make a home spa great again for someone with this mason jar full of colorful unicorn bath bombs, sugar scrubs, foot soak, and mini unicorn soap. It's not only pretty, but also magical, not to mention soothing and relaxing.

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