Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

16 Random Photos That Will Make You Smile.

#6. Addiction is a horrible condition that claims the lives of thousands upon thousands of people every single year.

But not this life. This is what it looks like when you have four years clean from methamphetamine. Congratulations, sir, you have done what most people can't!

#7. One of the greatest pleasures of life is being able to explore the breathtaking Earth that we live on.

This person captured a stunning photo of their descent into Bora Bora. It's truly a paradise that most people are never able to set foot on.

#8. It was a sad day in the world when Stephen Hawking found his final resting place.

But he was laid to rest with the best of them. He will forever reside in Westminster Abbey, alongside the great Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

#9. Oh, National Geographic, you should have known better.

They printed a great magazine with the topic of the dangers of plastic for our environment. It would have been fantastic, if they didn't deliver them in plastic bags.

#10. The person who took this photo spent $60 to flu from Istanbul to Cappadocia.

But what they received in return was priceless. They were able to look down on the village from a hot air balloon at 5am. What a view!

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