By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Regular Guys Swapped Their Beer Bellies For Six Packs. See How They Did It.

For a lot of guys, building and maintaining a body that is the envy of people everywhere, seems nearly impossible given busy lifestyles and a jam-packed calendar. Combine hard bodies and six-pack abs plastered on so many billboards plus the influx of several Hollywood blockbusters, men may attribute the famous physiques to personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists and a constant supply of shakes and supplements.

However, three men from the fitness and lifestyle bible Men’s Health embarked on a journey to transform their bodies in 10 weeks. And it seems they achieved the impossible and go so far as to say any guy can experience the same results.

And the men who challenged themselves are not extraordinary by any means. One guy is a new dad, another needed to change his gym regiment while a third, defined as skinny-fat given zero weight training and only cardio.

The next time your guy tells you there is no time to work out, just leave this page open and watch the transformation begin.

Jamie age 35 BEFORE

Jamie age 35 AFTER

James age 25 BEFORE

James age 25 AFTER

Daniel age 29 BEFORE

Daniel age 29 AFTER

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Source: dailymail