By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Delightfully Weird Items That People Have Found At The Thrift Store.

Anyone who frequents thrift stores knows how thrilling a good secondhand find can be. Thrift store treasures don't happen all the time -- the best shoppers know you have to be patient -- but when you visit at just the right time and find just the right item (and for a killer price), the long hours spent sifting through secondhand piles of stuff are all worthwhile.

Below are 30 things found at the thrift store that are so odd, random, and sometimes super valuable you won't believe someone found them at a Goodwill or Salvation Army. #16 might inspire you to start doing some treasure hunting of your own.

#1. An autographed Weezer CD.

#2. An old school arcade game.

An old school arcade game.


#3. This highly upsetting bike helmet.

#4. This 3 carat diamond ring.

This 3 carat diamond ring.


#5. This bra you can drink wine out of.

#6. A fancy Gucci sweater.

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