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28 Celebrity Christmas Photos From Before They Were Famous.

If you're headed to your hometown for the holiday this week, you just might come across a few photos of yourself from Christmases past: Dressed to the nines in mom-approved holiday gear, possibly screaming on Santa's lap, praying for the moment when you can open your presents with reckless abandon.

Well, celebrities have photos like that too. And, with social media, they can share those old school photos with all of us, proving that even rich and famous people had childhoods rife with ugly Christmas sweaters. Check out these 28 before they were famous Christmas photos below. Beyonce's family photo is totally hilarious.

#1. Lucy Hale, photographed with Santa and her older sister in 1993.

#2. Leah Remini, looking really skeptical about her presents.

Leah Remini's younger self sure looked super excited to be opening those presents!

#3. January Jones, killing the hair game during Christmas in the eighties.

#4. Justin Timberlake, looking cute as a button on Christmas morning.

#5. Michelle and Barack Obama's throwback Christmas photo.

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