By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

His Owner Has Been Serving In Iraq. Watch His Reaction When He Hears Dad’s Voice.

When a soldier is sent off to serve, it's incredibly difficult for the families they leave behind. However, people often forget that it's not just the spouses and children that miss their brave soldiers: Their dogs miss them, too.

Emmitt Thunderpaws is an absolutely massive Great Dane that has been without his favorite person for about nine months. When the man of the house finally comes home and surprises him, you can almost feel Emmitt's anticipation: Before he sees his human, he already knows that something awesome is about to go down.

According to his owners, Emmitt never jumps or stands on his back two legs, which makes this reaction all the more touching and heartwarming. You're going to love watching these two reunite again.

Source: Whitney Crowder