By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

His Classical Guitar Cover Of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck Is Better Than The Original.

Italian guitarist Luca Stricagnoli has been studying classical guitar since he was 10 years old, and his talents are pretty enviable. Though you may have never thought you'd want to hear an acoustic cover of an AC/DC song, what Stricagnoli does with it will make you realize it's genre/instrument mashup that you never knew you'd always wanted to listen to.

Surprisingly epic, right? Stricagnoli thinks so, too. Here's what he wrote on his Facebook wall:

Can you imagine if we manage to obtain so many views that AC/DC see the video and call me to open their concerts? As if … keep dreaming Luca.

AC/DC hasn't toured in about five years...but if they do, they might want to consider bringing Luca Stricagnoli along.

Source: Candyrat Records