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21 Thanksgiving Hacks You Need To Know About BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Every year, we say we'll start earlier but we must be secretly addicted to the holiday rush; a good number of us will be out grocery shopping until very last minute (I'll see you there).

But just like your college years, sometimes your best work comes when you're under the most pressure. So, stay optimistic and get ready for your best Thanksgiving dinner yet.

While there are many hacks out there that can cheapen the quality of your dinner, we've put together a list of 21 practical tips that will keep your standards up to par. We've covered everything from the scent of your home to creating a sweet butter for the morning after.

You'll be patting yourself on the back by the end of the night.

#1. Does your home have that unmistakable stench of neglect? Simmer these ingredients in a pot for an easy fix.

What You'll Need:

  • orange slices
  • cinnamon sticks
  • whole cloves
  • apple peels


Melissa of The Happier Homemaker recommends combining these ingredients in a mason jar, quantities at your choosing. Fill jar to the brim with water and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks. For use, empty the mixture into a pot and heat on low. Add water throughout the day and wait for the compliments. They'll come.

#2. Whip up an instant favorite: The Perfect Thanksgiving Drink.

What You'll Need:

  • 1 bottle sparkling cider or sparkling wine
  • 1 3-liter bottle of Sprite
  • 2 cans cranberry juice concentrate
  • ice
  • optional: real cranberries


Mix and serve.

#3. Chill a bottle of wine quickly.

Toss a bowl of ice with a few handfuls of salt. Place your wine bottle into a pot, or similar container, and pour over with the ice. Next, fill the pot with ice cold water to the neck of the bottle. Your wine will be chilled within 10 minutes.

#4. Use this chart to plan well and minimize waste.

Use this chart to plan well and minimize waste.

Whole Foods

#5. Purchase a 3-tier oven rack if you know you can't prepare the sides and dessert ahead of time.

Recommended places: Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and Williams-Sonoma.

#6. Create a Cheese Tray Turkey to keep your guests busy while you cook. Cheese and crackers go a long way. Upgrade the taste and appearance with bread and quality cheese.

#7. Peel potatoes painlessly by boiling them and submerging them in ice water.

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