By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Panda Is LOVING His Snow Day… His Happiness (Almost) Makes Winter OK.

A blizzard has hit the East Coast in the U.S. States like New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Kentucky have been blanketed with snow, with officials urging people to stay home.

The National Zoo in Washington D.C is closed for visitors with only essential staff remaining to ensure all the animals are cared for. The zoo, however, is happy to share a video of one of their pandas loving this weather. 18-year-old Tian Tian rolls, slides, and just cannot get enough of the massive amount of snow.

The giant panda was born for this; the species does not hibernate and his thick fur keeps him warm; allowing him to play for as long as he wants. Although this blizzard is causing havoc everywhere, Tian Tian is bringing comfort and smiles to everyone. The clip has been re-Tweeted over 78,000 times since it was released just a mere three hours ago.

Here's a silly panda giving his caregivers a good laugh.