By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Is What Happens When You Let A Baby Tiger Steal Your GoPro.

They say that the best documentarians will do whatever it takes to get a great shot. After seeing this footage, it's hard to imagine going this far for a great video - but we're glad they did!

While vacationing in Southeast Asia with his girlfriend, a YouTuber named Tim had a chance to get up close an personal with two tiger cubs. Recognizing this unique opportunity, Tim brought along his GoPro video camera with the intent of getting some shots of the tiger cubs as a souvenir from his travels.

What Tim couldn't have planned is what happened next: Instead of letting him film them, these tigers decided to film themselves! Pilfering the camera away from Tim, the tigers kept a firm grasp of the GoPro stick in their mouths...and even fought over it a little.

The scene certainly looks great on camera, even if you're not sure if you'd let them have yours. Then again, they're tigers - it was probably a good idea to let them call the shots!

Source: Storyful